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New contributions of the dissertation of PhD Candidate Doan Quang Thang
Updated: 2/12/2018 3:56:07 PM GMT + 7

Title: Human Resource Development of Vinh Phuc province’s Industry

Major: Development Economics                                             Code: 62 31 01 05

Ph.D. Candidate: Doan Quang Thang

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Vu Quang Tho

Training institution: Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies

I. New theoretical contributions

The study sheds light on human resource development theory at province level, including: concepts, characteristics, contents, impact factors and evaluation criteria.

II. New findings and proposals

Using appropriate research methods, the disertation has come up with new theoritial and emprirical findings as following:

- Decrible a comprehensive picture of human resource development for industry.

- Analyze and evaluate the current situation of human resource development of industry sector in Vinh Phuc province; point out the subjective and objective factors that affect human resource development of the province's industry based on gathering information, collecting data and conducting surveys related to industry sector of Vinh Phuc province. The dissertation also reveals shortcomings, causes and issues which relate to demand for human resource development of the province's industry sector under new development contexts.

- Propose ideas, solutions and mechanisms, policies, conditions for human resource development of Vinh Phuc province's industry until the year 2020, and vision to the year 2030.

Scientific contributions of this study can be widely applied in reality as references for researchers and readers, as consultative materials for state management agencies in terms of human resources development for Vinh Phuc province's industry as well as other localities in Vietnam.

Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Vu Quang Tho
Doan Quang Thang

Summary of doctoral thesis

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