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Summary of the thesis new findings and contributions of PhD Candidate Dang Thu Giang
Updated: 2/23/2018 10:58:55 AM GMT + 7
The research topic: Industrial restructuring in Hanoi towards sustainable development

Major: Economics of Development                                      Reference Code: 62 31 01 05

Research Student: Dang Thi Thu Giang

Research Tutors: Associate Prof., Dr. Dinh Trong Thinh

                         Nguyen Minh Phong PhD

Institution: Development Strategy Institute

New scientific and theoretical contributions of the research:

First, the thesis summarizes local and international studies to evaluate contributions and to discover study gaps that needed to be studied and analyzed in the thesis: concepts and contents of industrial restructure, objectives, criteria to evaluate the results of industrial restructure, point of views and a system of solutions to implement industrial restructure in accordance with the master socio-economic development plan of Hanoi by 2020 and orientation by 2030.

Second, the thesis evaluates comprehensively the practical results of industrial restructure for sustainable development of Hanoi and of industrial parks in Hanoi in particular to find out 3 successes, 6 weaknesses and 4 causes for the policy recommendations.

Third, the thesis analyzes general context, characteristics and specific views on goals to recommend 4 groups of solutions to ensure successful implementation of industrial restructure for sustainable development of Hanoi, especially in the high technology, green technology and supply chain in harmony with the "Master plan of socio-economic development of Hanoi until 2020 and orientation until 2030” to ensure successful implementation of Green and Sustainable Development Strategy of the city and of the country in general.

Particularly, it needs more policy breakthroughs in support industries for the industrial parks to enhance the linkage, inter-supply and supply chain between them and to promote the connection and support between Hanoi and other provinces to encourage technology and management transfer, product market, human potential, start-up, competitive advantage, added value and integration into the global value chain.

Recommendations of the research:

The thesis consists of 4 chapters in 149 pages summarizing the results and conclusions as follow:

Summarizing and interpreting theoretical issues of restructure and industrial restructure; updating and defining the contents of industrial restructure for sustainable development; analyzing local and international experience in industrial restructure to recommend lesson applied to Hanoi.

The thesis emphasizes that industrial restructure for sustainable development is a long term and complicated process with both-side effects on socio-economic development of the local and of the country. Significance and nature of these effects are dependent on the consistency of awareness, views and consolidation on strategy, institution, policies and public management. The study and learning the experience may help reduce the negative impacts and harmonize the relationship between investors and national or local benefits to promote a mixed force for socio-economic development of the country.










Summary of doctoral thesis



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