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New findings of the doctoral thesis of PhD students Dam Thi Hien
Updated: 3/1/2018 3:25:49 PM GMT + 7

Thesis subject: Investment in forming modern economic structure in Thua Thien Hue Province

Major: Development Economics                                              Code: 62 31 01 05

PhD student: Dam Thi Hien

Supervisor 1: Prof. Dr. Ngo Thang Loi

Supervisor 2: Ph.D. Tran Hong Quang

Training institution: Institute for Development Strategies, Ministry of Planning and Investment

New academic contributions of the thesis:

- The thesishas clarified the implication of the modern economic structure in which the basic indicator is the proportion of high technology products, sectors using modern technology, key products in total GRDP and the proportion high-tech products in the total value of exported products. At the same time, the modernization of the economy is considered as a vital way for the prospering development of the provincial economy. As a result, the content and nature of the investment in forming the modern economic structure are emphasized. Modern economic structure refers to investment in the development of high technology areas, expansion of key products, construction of advanced and synchronous infrastructure, improvement of high-quality human resources and construction ofdevelopment policy which is conducive to rapid, effective and sustainable economic development.

- The thesis has pointed out 5 factors affecting investment in the formation of modern economic structure: State management and economic institutions; Globalization and market; Business teams; Technical infrastructure and high-quality human resources; Impacts of the large economic region and the whole country on investment and development of economic structure of the province.

- The thesis identifies 12 indicatorsemployed to evaluate the investment in modern economic structure. It is divided into 2 groups:

(1). Group 1: Indicators assessing the modern economic structure. This group includes basic indicators (including: the proportion of high-technology products and the proportion of key products in GRDP, the percentage of high-technology products in total export value, and additional proportion of non-agricultural sector in total GRDP; Growth rate of GRDP; GRDP per capita, ICOR;

(2). Group 2: Indicators analyzing causes leading to the condition of the modern economic structure (including the size and structure of investment, the openness of the economy, power consumption to create one GRDP unit) .

New findings and proposals drawn from research results and surveys

+ To point out two basic reasons for the outdated economic structure, low development efficiency of the economy in Thua Thien Hue province. They are: (1). The investment structure is not reasonable and adequate capital has not been invested in hi-tech fields and key products and in building advanced and synchronous infrastructure; (2). State management reveals many inadequacies, especially in taking measures to develop a team of large and strong businesses.

+ To propose 4 solutions in improving the efficiency of investment to form a modern economic structure, which emphasizes the renovation of the investment structure in the direction of giving priority to the development of high technology and key products with local typical characteristics.

Supervisor 1

Supervisor 2

PhD Student

Prof. Dr. Ngo Thang Loi

Ph.D. Tran Hong Quang

Dam Thi Hien

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