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New findings of the doctoral thesis of PhD students Nguyen Thi Hang
Updated: 7/23/2018 10:04:46 AM GMT + 7

Thesis subject: Industrial development of Thai Nguyen province in the period to 2030

Major: Development Economics                                     Code: 9310105

PhD student: NGUYEN THI HANG                                  Training: 12

Supervisor 1: Ph.D. DANG QUOC TUAN

Supervisor 2: Assoc Prof. Dr. BUI TAT THANG

Training institution: Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies, Ministry of Planning and Investment

1. In terms of theory

The thesis contributes to improve the theoretical issues related to industrial development in the province. Point out the characteristics and factors affecting the development of industry and the local industrial level in the context of global integration in line with the new stage of development of the country. From that, identify theoretical and practical issues for the industrial development of Thai Nguyen province.

The thesis contributes to clarify the concept of industrial development, the role of industry in the economic development of a locality. At the same time, selectively analyze the theories related to industrial development, including (1) growth-pole theory; (2) branch association theory; (3) Value chain theory; (4) Industrial positioning theory. This has laid the groundwork for a thorough analysis of the development of the industry in the present period and to bring into play comparative advantage on the basis of combining with other territories to create inter-regional to re-structure the industry. The thesis added a framework for the analysis of criteria to measure the development of a provincial industry, including criteria for scale, quality and structure.

2. In terms of practical

The thesis uses the factor analysis method to assess the impact of factors on the development of Thai Nguyen industry. From the researches on the real situation of industrial development of some successful localities, the thesis has drawn some experiences that Thai Nguyen can learn in the process of developing local industry. : (1) development of priority industries on the basis of potentials and comparative advantages of the province; (2) Promulgate policies to attract investment capital, promote the development of the industry; (3) focus on developing high-tech supporting industries, being able to participate in the global production chain and some of the large value-added sectors that the province has advantages. On that basis, the thesis has analyzed in detail the development status of Thai Nguyen industry from 2000 to 2017 according to the proposed criteria groups. Designed to link the Samsung Thai Nguyen industrial cluster, creating the basis for replicating and developing the local industrial organization.

The thesis proposes the views, orientations and solutions to further promote the role and promote the development of the Thai Nguyen industry by the year 2030. The development direction focuses mainly on the fields The industry has advantages, priorities, supporting industries associated with cluster development, creating a connection and spillover mechanism to other industrial areas and territories. Since then, contributing to the completion of the industrialization and modernization aims, basically become an industrial province in the direction of modern. This can be a useful reference for teaching staff, scientists, research institutes and students in the field of economics, industrial economics and a useful basis for management agencies. The state in setting up plans and strategies for industrial development for a province-level province such as Thai Nguyen.

Science Instructor 1

Ph.D. Đang Quoc Tuan

Science Instructor 2

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Bui Tat Thang

PhD student

Nguyen Thi Hang


Thesis summary

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