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Summary new conclusions of doctoral thesis of PhD students Dao Thanh Huong
Updated: 12/7/2018 3:16:31 PM GMT + 7
Thesis topic: "Research to improve the efficiency of Vietnam's commodities export toward 2030”
Major: Development Economic. Code: 9310105
Researcher: Dao Thanh Huong
Supervisor: Asso. Prof. Dr. Le Xuan Ba
Training Unit: Development Strategy Institute

New conclusions of the doctoral thesis:

- Firstly, systemizing and deepening the theoretical issues on the commodities export efficiency, identify a set of criteria for assessing the efficiency of commodities export at the country level for the first time, not only mentioning economic indicators but also the social and environmental indicators, to support effective the work of international trade policy making in the next period.

- Secondly, studying the experiences of some countries in the region that have the similar economic conditions and geographic locations near Vietnam in boosting and raising the efficiency of commodities export in order to get the lesson learned to Vietnam.

- Thirdly, analyzing and evaluating the efficiency Vietnam's commodities export in the period of 2006-2017 according to the defined criteria in the theoretical part, withdraw the lesson learned for its Vietnam in the next period.

- Fourthly, proposing the viewpoints and orientations for Vietnam's commodities export in the coming period in line with the significant changes in domestic and world context such as the fourth industrial revolution, the rotation of the world economy, climate change issues,...

- Fifthly, thesis propose 7 main groups of solutions to improve the commodities export performance in the period to 2030, focusing on mechanisms and policies; management apparatus, manpower related to exports; domestic production capacity; infrastructure for exports; domestic economic sector; and promoting the advantages of the process of market opening to export commodities. The thesis is high practical value for improving the efficiency of Vietnam's commodities export toward 2030. It also opens new research directions on issues related to the efficiency of commodities export more specific, such as export efficiency in each commodity/commodity group; export efficiency at provincial level; the ability to adjust research indicators to suit the characterize of commodities, based on more comprehensive statistical data and indicators of exported performance.
                   Supervisor                                                                         Researcher
        Asso. Prof. Dr. Le Xuan Ba                                                       Dao Thanh Huong

Thesis summary

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