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New contributions and the doctoral thesis of the PhD student Tran Quyet Chien
Updated: 1/21/2020 6:08:17 PM GMT + 7
Thesis: Efficiency of agricultural land utilization in Phu Tho
Specialization: Economic Development
Code No.: 9310105
PhD. Candidate: Tran Quyet Chien
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ngo Thang Loi ; Dr. Cao Ngọc Lân
Training Institution: Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies

1.New academicandtheoretical contributions

The thesis indicated thatthe efficiency of agricultural land utilizing is reflected by the efficiency of agricultural development;the natureof theefficient of agricultural land useis theadded value of agricultureand value of agricultural goodsper one hectare of agricultural land in one year or few years.The efficiency of agricultural land utilizing is constituted by the efficiency of cultivation, animal husbandry and agricultural services.Simultaneously, it clearly showed9factors affecting the efficiency of agricultural landusing, which emphasizes the role of governmentsat all levels in the province, the production structure,structure of agricultural land using,organization of agricultural production; and defining a set of indicators analyzing the efficiency of agricultural land useas well as causes of agricultural land use efficiency in the province with Vietnamese conditions.

2.New findings and implications

The thesis provided scientific basis for the state management agencies of Phu Tho province in planning agricultural development, renewing the structure of agricultural land using of Phu Tho province (with method of specifying advantages, disadvantages, causes, achievements and weaknesses of the agricultural land use inrecent years). It proposedfivegroup solutions to improve the efficiency of agricultural land using in the province in the coming time.In particular, the thesisparticularlyemphasizes solutions to improve the state management efficiency of governments at all levels, renovating the structure of agricultural land use, renovating the structure of agricultural productionassociated with modernization,andstrictly developing advanced models of agricultural production organization(especially the development of agricultural value chains, agro-industrial complexes and development of hi-tech applied agricultural zones, etc.).

                Ngo Thang Loi                Cao Ngoc Lan
PhD. Candidate
Tran Quyet Chien


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