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Knowledge Sharing Program (200-2011)
Updated: 12/26/2014 10:03:08 AM GMT + 7

The first Knowledge Sharing Program with Vietnam was successfully implemented in 2004-2005. One of the great achievements was its contribution to the successful establishment of the Vietnam Development Bank in 2006. Vietnam has been selected again in 2009 as the fi rst strategic development partner country for KSP, and this is the start of a three-year project. The 2009-2011 KSP whose aim is to support the Establishment of Mid- and Long-Term Socio-Economic Development Policies for Vietnam was conducted at a very signifi cant point of time for Vietnam when the country was reviewing its 2001-2010 Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) and 2006-2010 Five-Year Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP), and formulating its SEDS 2011-2020 and SEDP 2011-2015.

After three years of implementation, 26 thematic research papers under 08 topics, and 03 capacity building programs for enhancing research and policy formulation capacity of Vietnamese offi cials and experts from a number of government ministries and research institutes were successfully conducted under the 2009-2011 KSP.

KSP 2009:

Topic 1: Development Path & Evaluation of Growth Potential up to 2020

Topic 2: Monetary & Financial Policy for Stability, Efficiency & Sustainability

Topic 3: Nationwide Land Use Strategy

Topic 4: Industrial Technology Development

Topic 5: Efficient & Harmonious Enterprise Policies

KSP 2010:

Topic 1: Development Strategies and Role of the State

Topic 2: Macroeconomic Management and Financial Policy

Topic 3: Enhancing Government Support for Corporate Efficiency

KSP 2011:

Topic 1: Development of Modern Airports in Vietnam: Sharing Korea's Experience

Topic 2: Development of Modern Seaports in Vietnam: Sharing Korea's Experience

Topic 3: Performance Evaluation System on SOE in Vietnam and Korea: A Comparative Study

Topic 4: Analysis and Forecasting of Budget Revenue in Vietnam

Topic 5: Long-term Macroeconomic Projection Scenarios for Vietnam during the Period 2011-2020.

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