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14 prizes awarded in “My expectations for Vietnam in the next 20 years” writing contest
Updated: 7/31/2015 2:39:00 PM GMT + 7
Award Ceremony
Award Ceremony "My Expectations for Vietnam in the next 20 years" on 11 July at the Tuoi Tre Newspaper’s office- Photo credit: Duyen Phan
Two grand prize winners are Le Hong Man with the submisison "Youths allowed to decide on their own" and Song Phuong with the dream "Joining hands to add green to the country".

The final round of the contest "My expectations for Vietnam in the next 20 years” has came to an end on 11 July at the Tuoi Tre Newspaper’s office. 14 awards were presented to the authors.

The contest criteria focus on feasible solutions to realize expectations. The judges awarded top prizes to the two authors, who presented their projects towards mobilizing communities to implement their expectations.

Author Le Hong Man, 26, has expectation "Youths allowed to decide on their own" (first prize of the age group 15-30 ) and author Song Phuong, 37, dreams about "Joining hands to add green to the country" (first prize of the age group over 30).

Author The Phuong Vietnam with expectation "Scholars on East Vietnam Sea to abound” was highly appreciated and awarded the second prize of the age group 15-30.

The Phuong’s expectation focuses on crucial issues of the country. He is also devote himselft every day to implement his expectations.

Second prize in the age group of over 30 belongs to author Cong Khanh with expectation "Vietnam education among world’s Top 10 best in 2035

This contest received sizable proportion of subimisions focusing on a breakthrough in innovation in education for more efficiency. However, the vivid submission by Cong Khanh, who is knowledgeable in education,has really conquered the jury.

Along with author Cong Khanh, the expectation for education from an "insider" by Luu Vinh Trinh, a grade 12 student , was also highly appreciated. This submission won the third prize in the the age group 15-30.

Third prize in the age group of over 30 belongs to the author Le Minh Tien with expectation "Dreaming of an equalized society”. 4 incentive prizes of this age group were awarded to authors Le Cong Si (The poor would not be put aside for economic growth), author Pham Thi Bien Thuy (Vietnamese rice known around the world), author Thu Phan (All working people would own houses,and author Nguyen Quang Hoa (10,000 hours of practice: they key to success in life)..

In the age group 15-30, there are four incentive prizes, which belong to the authors: Dam Nhung (Averting the obesity "epidemic”), Do Huy Binh (Vietnam’s public administrative apparatus would be truly fair and systematic), Do Huyen Trang (Vietnam’s productivity to emulate regional countries) and Nguyen Bich Thuy (Vietnam would curb alcohol consumption and ban smoking in 2035).

"My expectations for Vietnam in the next 20 years” writing contest jointly organized by Tuoi Tre Newspaper and the World Bank in Vietnam, ended with 598 entries, which are 598 expectations and implemented solutions for a more developed and prosperous Vietnam.

"Hopefully we will not only stop at these expectations, or at the solutions that we outlined today. The contest is evocative, urging oneself to take actions, and contribute to the country in the next 20 years, so the expectations today will become reality in the next 20 years", said Mr. Le Xuan Trung, chief editor of Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

Source: Tuoi Tre Newspaper

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