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Sustainable Development - Vision to 2035
Updated: 5/10/2015 4:31:56 PM GMT + 7
In late April 2015, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the World Bank in Vietnam have organized a workshop on " Sustainable Development - Vision 2035 ", in a series of workshops in preparation for the Vietnam 2035 report.
The dominant theme of the workshop is challenges that Vietnam has to face in the next 20 years, such as sustainable development, natural resources and environment, climate change, green growth, agricultural environment and future energy.

On behalf of the authors presenting the report at the seminar, Mr. Truong Quang Hoc, former Director of Center for Resources and Environment Research, Hanoi National University raised long-standing problems for habitat in Vietnam, such as wasted natural resources, polluted air and water, declined biodiversity, massive mining, increase of solid waste, weak ability and limited awareness of environmental protection in management and implementation work force, violation of environmental protection state law.

Mr. Hoc concluded the root cause of the issues lies in the institutional limitations. Specifically, Vietnam does not have a master plan for social economy development, based on local geography, but mainly based on administrative factors; inadequate investment (massive development of economic zones, industrial parks and urban areas...); massive development of small and medium hydropower; indiscriminate mining management; overlapping management, lack of objective supervision, corruption, and ineffective policy enforcement.

"Greening" the policies

The authors also aroused expectations by 2035, to achieve the target of green growth, well active response to climate change, efficient use of resources, and establishment of a quality living environment and ecological balance status, Vietnam needs to:

(1) change growth model associated with economy restructuring towards green growth and sustainable development; develop green economic model, green industry, green city, and  green countryside;

(2) plan development zones based on local ecological characteristics, resource potential and adaptation to climate change; Marine spatial planning linked with land space; target mainstreaming adaptation to climate change , natural resource management and environmental protection;

(3) Establish and apply models that predict the overall impact of climate change on socio-economic development, natural resources and the environment;

(4) Develop a synthetic and unifed database system of resources, environment and climate change according to international standards.

To achieve these goals, Mr. Todd Johnson, World Bank expert, on behalf of the authors suggested some solutions such as perfecting the institution (building the rule of law and greening of policies and strategies); empowerment to people; improving people's knowledge; new ‘green’ approaches for the management of natural resources, climate change and territorial planning; development in association with enhanced sustainable resilience to climate change.

Harmonious development of society, economy and environment

In the discussion of the indicators for social development, seminar delegates said that one of the three development indicators (social, economic and environmental) should the fixed. The three elements should be arranged in an overall harmonious development. Economic expert Pham Chi Lan reaffirmed "the main idea of this report is to improve the efficiency of the resources. In production, greater value should be generated. Quality and value of products are more important than quantity, that will conserve natural resources”. 

To end the discussion, the authors and discussion group agreed that Vietnam should refer to other developed countries who have a similar roadmap, to draw lessons and learn how to deal with environmental issues as well as climate change.

Communication team – Vietnam 2035 report

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