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New contributions and the doctoral thesis of the PhD student Nguyen Le Vinh
Updated: 1/21/2021 3:17:03 PM GMT + 7

Thesis topic: "Evaluating the factors that have impacts on the urban economic growth in Vietnam (taking Hanoi city for example)”

Major: Development Economics Code: 9 31 01 05

New contributions of the thesis:


- Firstly, the thesis has added and clarified the reasoning of urban economic growth, the difference between urban economic growth and national economic growth.

- Secondly, the thesis has established research framework about the factors system that affect urban economic growth, added characteristics and connotation to urban resource factors and their impact on urban economic growth.

- Thirdly, the thesis has supplemented the reasoning and connotation about urban specific factors and their impact on urban economic growth. From those, we can evaluate more surely the importance of specific urban factors towards urban economic growth, contributing a more accurate rate of the evaluation of urban economic growth in the economic growth model.

Practical applicability:

Utilizing research framework and reasoning, connotation, the thesis has studied, combining the conditions, special features of Hanoi city and urban areas in Vietnam:

- Firstly, the thesis has analyzed the factors that have impacts on the urban economic growth in Hanoi city, indicated the pros and cons of the specific urban factors in Hanoi city which affect negatively Hanoi's economic growth and those drawbacks' cause. The thesis emphasizes the factors such as location, urban scale, urban planning, urban landscape architecture, infrastructure system, urban infrastructure in Hanoi city are still weak and the city has not promoted full potential, advantages of the urban specific factors in economic growth and development.

- Secondly, the thesis has evaluated both positive and negative impacts of each specific urban factors on Hanoi's economic growth, comparing with other domestic and international urban areas.

- Thirdly, the thesis has offered new opinions to orientate the model of economic growth in Hanoi city and Vietnamese urban areas, linking to Vietnam's characteristic. Those are the opinions about growth models which are synchronically, harmoniously and effectively promoted and used among the resource factors, urban specific factors, urban infrastructure factors for economic growth.

- Fourthly, the thesis has proposed solutions in order to improve the factors, solve the negative effects, promote the positive sides of the factors towards urban economic growth, making sure that the factors are effectively raised and used, which can push the economic growth in Hanoi city and Vietnamese urban areas to keep up with the pace, the high and stable growth quality in the new era – digital era and worldwide connection in the 4.0 revolution.

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