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New contributions and the doctoral thesis of the PhD student Bùi Kieu Anh
Updated: 9/11/2023 4:15:11 PM GMT + 7
Thesis topic: Foreign direct investment in Vietnam in the new context 
Specialised field: Development Economics 
PhD Candidate: Bui Kieu Anh 
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thai 
Institution: Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies

New academic and theoretical contributions:

(1) The thesis studying FDI in the new context has contributed to a number of theoretical conclusions: theoretical basis for investment, FDI and new context.

(2) State the role of FDI in economic development (for both the investor and the investee).

(3) Present factors affecting FDI (including 6 factors: (1) Political and policy institutions; (2) Macro-economic environment; (3) Human resource; (4) Infrastructure (5) Static advantages of natural conditions, (6)Technology and digital transition).

(4) Define standards and criteria for evaluating the success of FDI activities in the new context (4 groups of standards: on FDI performance results - in terms of economy - in terms of society - in terms of environment).

New findings and practical contributions:

(1) The FDI research thesis has summarized the practice of attracting FDI in the new context.

(2) The thesis evaluates the experience of attracting FDI of some countries in the world (namely China, Thailand, Singapore, according to the specific characteristics of each country in the region) and draws lessons for Vietnam.

(3) Analyzing the socio-economic development situation of Vietnam, assessing the status of FDI attraction in Vietnam in the period 2010-2022 according to 4 groups of assessment criteria, detecting successes, limitations and causes. multiplier of restriction.

(4) Analyzing fluctuations of FDI capital in the context of the new competitive context, which is the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the formation of the digital economy, new geopolitical and geo-economic trends, and climate change , the COVID-19 pandemic and Vietnam's development vision and aspirations stated in the Document of the 13th National Congress (January 2021) of the Party.

(5) The thesis gives 5 points of view and proposes 6 groups of solutions to effectively attract FDI capital, contribute to the country's socio-economic development, and to the common prosperity of the whole Vietnamese people./.


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