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Summary new conclusions of doctoral thesis of PhD students Nguyen Thi Dong
Updated: 3/5/2019 11:56:13 AM GMT + 7

Thesis Topic: Shifts in sectoral structure of Hanoi’s economy towards sustainable development until 2030.

Major: Economic Development ID No.: 9310105

Researcher: Nguyen Thi Dong

Science Instructor 1: Assoc Prof. PhD. Pham Van Khoi

Science Instructor 2: Assoc Prof. PhD. Vu Thanh Son

Training Institution: Development Strategy Institute, Ministry of Planning and Investment

New contributions of the research thesis:

- The research thesis defines the concept of sectoral structure of urban economies (the proportion between service sector and high-tech industry along with urban agriculture in an economic structure); The concepts of shift in sectoral structure of economy of big cities towards sustainable development (adjustment, renovation of industries in the direction of modernization as well as aiming at sustainable development, simultaneously ensuring the sustainability of shifts and contributing to the sustainable development of the whole economy); The methods of implementing the transition in sectoral structure of an economy are to amend the investment structure and develop large enterprises. Also, the research thesis identifies 5 conditions to change the sectoral structure of urban economies towards sustainable development: (i) The determination of local authorities; (ii) Large and potential enterprises; (iii) The support of residents and business communities; (iv) The market; (v) Favourable infrastructure.

- The research thesis identifies two groups of indicators to assess the results and contribution of the industrial transition to the economic development of the major cities: (1). Group 1: Evaluation of results of the adjustment in industries in the direction of sustainable development, including: (i) Assessment of transition trends; (ii) evaluation of speed of transition; and (2). Group 2: Assessment of the contribution of the structural changes to economic development, including: (i) Impacts of sectoral shifts to the increase of labour productivity; (ii) the effectiveness of sectoral shifts to the growth of GRDP per capita; (iii) the contribution of sectoral adjustments to the increase of economy's openness and the additional criteria (ICOR, The power consumed to generate a unit of GRDP, GRDP growth)

New findings and recommendations from the results of research and the survey of the research thesis:

- The potentials and strengths of Hanoi have not been optimized. The sectoral structure of the economy has several new features and progresses (industry and services have increased rapidly; new products have appeared) but it has not yet modern. The pace of structural changes towards sustainable development is slow. The contribution of the transition to the economic development is limited.

- The causes of such weaknesses are: (1) Inadequacies in managing and administering the transition; (2) Inappropriate investment structure; (3) Lack of large enterprises; (4) Lack of high-quality human resources; (5) Unmodern and asynchronous infrastructure; (6) Developing yet unsustainable market.

- In order to ensure the sectoral shifts of Hanoi's economy towards sustainable development until 2030, six basic solutions are required: (i) improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management by having specific plans and adopting specific policies to assure the shift carrying out correctly and following the determined orientations; (ii) Renewing investment to meet the requirements of transition towards sustainable development; (iii) developing a community of large enterprises who operate effectively; (iv) improving human resources to match with the requirements of corporates and developing high-tech sector; (v) building modern and synchronous infrastructure for economic development as well as cybersecurity; (vi) Simultaneously developing different markets as well as expanding both domestic and foreign markets.
Science Instructor 1
Science Instructor 2
Assoc Prof. PhD. Pham Van Khoi
Assoc Prof. PhD.Vu Thanh Son
Nguyen Thi Dong
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