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New contributions and the doctoral thesis of the PhD student Nguyen Xuan Tho
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Thesis title: "Enhancement of competitiveness of Vietnam’s textile products in the context of international economic integration”

Major: Development Economics                                                     Code: 9310105

PhD student: Nguyen Xuan Tho

Supervisors: 1. Assoc. Prof. PhD. Bui Tat Thang

                    2. PhD. Nguyen Trong Thua

Training institution: Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies, Ministry of Planning and Investment

New contributions of the thesis in terms of academic and theoretical aspects

Firstly, the thesis presented an overview of theories of product competitiveness and international economic integration context. The thesis also used UNIDO's global value chain and Michael Porter's "Diamond” framework to find out 6 criteria to improve the competitiveness of textile products, including: Market share of textile products, Quality of textile human resources, Textile technology, Brand of textile products, Textile labor costs and Production time of textile products. All of these criteria are influenced by by State policies.

Secondly, the process of analyzing the current situation of competitiveness of Vietnamese textile and garment products has shown successes, limitations as well as causes to be overcome for improving product competitiveness. Impacts by the 4th industrial revolution and participation in new-generation free trade agreements such as CPTPP, EVFTA, etc., have opened the direction for enhancing competitiveness of textile products in the context of international economic integration.

Thirdly, the thesis presented systematically and scientifically solutions with a vision to 2030 for enhancing competitiveness of Vietnam's textile products in the context of international economic integration. For example, solutions of application of modern technology 4.0 will support and create rapid and sustainable development of Vietnam's textile industry.

Fourthly, the Party and the Government need to build appropriate mechanisms, improve the business environment, promote the legal corridor for textile and garment enterprises to integrate into the international economy most conveniently, bringing Textile products Vietnam Garment is deeply involved in the world textile value chain.
Assoc. Prof. PhD. Bui Tat Thang           PhD. Nguyen Trong Thua
PhD Student
Nguyen Xuan Tho

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