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New contributions and the doctoral thesis of the PhD student Luong Tat Thang
Updated: 3/9/2020 5:08:41 PM GMT + 7

Topic: Improving the efficiency of agricultural development in mountainous areas of Thanh Hoa province

Major: Development Economics
Code: 9310105

Postgraduate: Luong Tat Thang

Instructor: Pro.PhD Le Du Phong; PhD Kim Quoc Chinh

Training Establishment: Institute of Development Strategy

New academic and reasoning contributions.

The thesis has clarified the characteristics of mountainous agriculture in the context of socialist-oriented market economy development and in the context of globalization and climate change. It also points out the nature of efficient development of mountainous agriculture as well as the factors affecting the development efficiency of mountainous agriculture (particularly emphasizing the role of the State, agricultural production organizations, markets), identifying criteria to evaluate efficiency of agricultural development for mountainous areas. At the same time, the author also identifies the content to be analyzed to clarify the cause of the situation of agricultural development efficiency in the mountains.

New findings and proposals are drawn from the research and survey results of the thesis

The thesis provides scientific basis for the provincial People's Committee, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and mountainous districts of Thanh Hoa province in making plans for the policy of industrialization and modernization of agriculture as well as the large commodities production and new rural construction. Especially, the thesis has pointed out the achieved results as well as the limitations and weaknesses in the agricultural development process in mountainous areas of Thanh Hoa province and their causes. It also clarifies the bases and proposes orientations for renovating the structure of agricultural production with key products taking into account characteristics of the mountainous region, technological advances and climate change. At the same time, it has proposed solutions to improve the efficiency of mountainous agricultural development in Thanh Hoa province. This thesis also recommends what the provincial and district authorities must do to Agricultural development in the mountains more effectively and more sustainably.

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