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Updated: 11/23/2011 12:24:03 PM GMT + 7

-     Taking the lead in the State-level scientific research programmes No. 70-01 and 70A as well as many other state- and ministerial-level research projects;

-     Taking the lead in the formulation of the General Scheme for Productive Forces Distribution for the 1986-1990 period in service of the formulation of 1986-1990 Five-Year Plan and the 6th Party Congress;

-     Taking part in the formulation of the 1991-2000 National Socio-Economic Stabilisation and Development Strategy; 2001-2010 National Socio-Economic Development Strategy; and in the preparation of reports and projects in service of various Party’s Central Committee Conferences;

-      Taking the lead in the preparation of the Government Decree on Master Planning Work, the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Circular providing guidance on the contents, procedures for formulation, appraisal and management of sectoral develpment master plans and socio-economic development master plans for regions/territorial areas.

-     Taking the lead and coordinating with Government central agencies in the formulation of the socio-economic development master plans for six socio-economic regions, four focal/pivotal economic areas, and a number of economic corridors and rings; taking the lead in the preparation of the industry and infrastructure development master plan for the 1996-2010 period, and master plans for industrial zones; providing various localities with guidance on and assistance in the preparation of their respective socio-economic development master plans. These research outputs have made a practical contribution to the provision of territorial area-based economic guidance by the Government and to the socio-economic development orientation by the localities themselves.

-     Implementing many State-level scientific research projects, including projects under the KC-08, KC-09, KX-02 and KX.06/10 State-level focal research programmes, and ministerial- and institute-level scientific research projects.

-     Conducting research in a number of issues regarding the theories and methodologies for economic zoning and development master planning in Vietnam.

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